Nettitutka is an application to measure and share the quality of your mobile internet connection. From our website you can check coverage maps for mobile operators, compare devices and see what other people have measured.

All data is anonymous, we do not store information about you, just technical information.

News about Nettitutka.

What is measured?

We have a measurement point in Europe, Finland.

Login is not necessary on the application. You can, if you want, use Google single sign-on to keep record of your own measurements and to browse them at any time. Our application does not require this, nor do we store or share measurements or personal information from the Google service. Only the identification code is stored so the service can match a user to his or her own measurements.


We are researchers at the Aalto University, the Department of Communications and Networking. Professor Jukka Manner is leading the project. Doctoral student Sebastian Sonntag is the project manager.

Past people include: Arttu Tervo is our technical manager and responsible for the whole server infrastructure. As specialists on the mobile applications we have doctoral student Lennart Schulte and research assistants Jukka-Pekka Virtanen, Eren Boz, Antti Jaakkola and Tommi Tuura.

Privacy and usage

We have designed our system so that no personal information such as name or addresses are gathered - our system is only gathering and presenting technical data. The login system is a special feature, which is not required and does not change the accuracy of the results. If you wish to browse through your measurements and go back in history, you need to use the login feature on the application and this web site.

Note: using our mobile application introduces data transfers over the mobile network and depending on your subscription data plan, might introduce costs. We are not responsible for these costs, you use our service and application with your own decision.